By: Kody Bueermann

I went to a Wayland Baptist University to play baseball (and meet my future wife, Amy). I attended church every Sunday but had no real connection to a community of believers. I had a ton of Christian friends and attended lots of Christian activities, but the small group aspect that I enjoyed growing up was gone. As a result I don’t think I grew much spiritually for those years. After graduation, I moved to San Antonio and started a job that required me to work weekends. I stopped attending church regularly and suddenly had no connection to any community of believers.

I moved to Houston in 2010 to be closer to Amy. I started attending her small group at Clear Creek Community Church and immediately made friends that we are still close with today. This small group was crucial to reintroducing the Gospel into my life. It wasn’t long before I arranged to have Sundays off so I could attend CCCC services with Amy. My priorities started to shift and I began searching for a new career that was more ‘family friendly.’

Several people from that original small group were married before the group split. Several of us moved on to be navigators in hopes of reaching others like us. We wanted to create more small groups so that more people could experience the type of group we had. And that is really what’s bringing us to the E96 Campus. We have the opportunity to impact others that are in our neighborhood, not just our community. We believe in CCCC’s 4B vision and now we get to be a part of that in our own backyard.

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