Unprecedented No. 00

An Introduction to the “Unprecedented” Story Series

“Unprecedented rainfall.”

“Unprecedented flooding.”

“Unprecedented destruction.”

From August 25 to 29, those were the words cyclically spoken on local news stations across the Houston area as meteorologists scrambled to find a way to describe what was happening to the fourth largest city in the United States.

Rivers overflowed their banks. Streets became impassable. Houses filled with anywhere from a few inches to the height of a full-grown man with floodwater. Some people were forced to abandon their homes, grabbing what possessions they could, while others had no choice but to flee from their cars amidst the rising waters. Helicopters rescued families from rooftops, while boats roamed the flooded streets searching for people looking for a way out.

As the storm finally relented and the water began to recede, people hoped to return to some semblance of normalcy, but were met, instead, by widespread devastation.

Hurricane Harvey was finally over, but the effects lingered. The road to recovery would be long.

But through the most monumental rainfall event resulting from a tropical cyclone in the history of the continental U.S. came another factor that no one saw coming. News of the destruction and massive loss of materials was interrupted with stories of courage and sacrifice. Reports of the colossal numbers associated with the storm gave way to reports of the smallest acts of selflessness that were immense in meaning. The nation and others around the world took notice.

Right in the middle of horrific circumstances came unprecedented resilience, unprecedented compassion, and unprecedented love for one another.

. . .

While many watching struggled to comprehend the tremendous acts of selflessness they were witnessing, the church understood that these acts were rooted in a precedent set long ago. Jesus Christ set the standard when he said “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends,” and then he provided the ultimate example when he died on behalf of all mankind, to take away the sins of all who would believe in him and his work on the cross. Through the greatest sorrow in life, he showed an unprecedented love for those who didn’t deserve it.

And so the people of the church saw Hurricane Harvey as the catastrophe it was, but knew it was so much more than a tremendous storm. It was a tremendous opportunity.


What follows are the stories of Harvey – through the stages of rescue, relief, and recovery – as told through the people of Clear Creek Community Church.


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