For the deGroot family, sports are a big part of the weekly schedule. Three kids playing a sport on three different teams at once means that Jason and his wife Brandi are frequently attending games, dropping their kids off at practices, and coordinating schedules so that all the kids can fully participate in their respective sports and attend church with the rest of the family on Sundays and Wednesdays.

But while many people share in this whirlwind experience of youth sports in America, Jason and Brandi see it as something entirely different: an opportunity.

“It makes for craziness, a little bit,” Brandi said of her kids’, and subsequently her and her husband’s own, time commitment to sports. “But I’ve seen so much fruit from the relationships that I build, because you’re sitting in the stands with people, and you’re visiting. I always just think that the reason I’m there is because I’m an ambassador for Christ.”

Many of the parents that Brandi runs into in the stands at sporting events are the same parents they see most of the time because their kids participate in the same sports year-round. Because of this consistency, Brandi has started a women’s group that includes many of the moms from the team, and Jason, who coaches some of the teams, has started working on setting up a men’s group for some of the dads.

“It’s awesome,” Brandi says. “Because I know that our purpose is greater than just whether or not my kid is going to be a great athlete.”

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