Back in August, Clear Creek Community Church worked through a three-week message series titled “The Grace of Celebration,” that focused on celebrating well as a follower of Christ and encouraged people to celebrate in such a way that it is not only seen as an act of grace, but points to the ultimate act of grace seen in the gospel.

Over the course of those three Sundays, the church was compelled not only to teach on the subject of living with joy and celebration, but also to put those words into action by celebrating others in the community.

CCCC donated money, time and resources to Brookside Intermediate School, The Center for Pregnancy in Friendswood, Clear Lake Intermediate School, the League City Police Department, Galveston Urban Ministries, Lighthouse Dental Clinic, Loving Hearts Ministry, NASA Area Little League Organization, Ross Intermediate School, and the Teen, Inc. Mentoring Program.

These gifts were not given in an attempt to lift up the name of any one organization or with the hope of receiving any sort of gain in return, but rather with the intention of showing that God’s people are a people of generosity who humbly reflect the love and devotion shown to them through the work of Jesus Christ.

One organization that was helped in this spirit of celebration was Texas EquuSearch, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding law enforcement agencies in the search for missing persons.
Shortly after receiving their gift, members of Texas EquuSearch took to social media to detail the use of their new equipment.

“The Texas EquuSearch organization has been blessed with a very special gift from the Clear Creek Community Church in League City, TX. A couple of months ago, the staff of Clear Creek Community Church asked one of their members, Richard Guidetti, what our organization needs to help find more missing persons, and that they could donate to our team.


Richard is not only a member of the Clear Creek Community Church, but he is also a long-time member and Search Coordinator with Texas EquuSearch. After speaking with Texas EquuSearch Director Tim Miller, Richard informed his church that a very sophisticated piece of floating side-scan sonar technology is needed to find more drowning victims.
Clear Creek Community Church quickly purchased the side-scan sonar device for our organization. Upon completion of building our sonar unit; Dennis & Tammy Watters were soon requested by Illinois authorities to help them in the search for a missing drowning victim. Within minutes of beginning their search for the drowning victim; Dennis and Tammy were able to successfully locate the submerged human remains, and divers quickly recovered the victim. So this piece of brand new technology has already proven its success and priceless worth.


We are very confident that this special gift from Clear Creek Community Church will greatly increase our success in locating far more drowning victims, as well as some evidence that law enforcement investigators need found. This portable piece of equipment that was developed and built by Texas EquuSearch member and sonar expert Dennis & Tammy Watters, will increase the ease of search access to certain areas, and will be considerably and significantly less in cost to operate than our larger boats. The hand-carried portability will shorten the time in locating a submerged drowning victim, will reduce the physical strains and manpower of loading & unloading the larger search boats, and it will be more user-friendly and much safer than using a traditional sonar unit on a larger boat.


Clear Creek Community Church has honored our organization with their wonderful and magnificent gift to find missing persons.” – Texas EquuSearch

God is able to take what resources we have, whether they are skills, money, time or a kind word, and use them in a way that so far exceeds our own expectations, and even wildest imaginations, that we may never be able to fully comprehend the result of what He has done. He can take something small that we would never expect to give a second thought, like a simple meal of bread and fish, and turn it into something with eternal implications.

He is truly the master of exponential growth.

And so the hope of the church is not that you will finish reading this article and think better of CCCC, but rather that you will be inspired to allow the love of Jesus Christ to fill your heart and life and that you would go forward, willing to let him use you and your resources to serve and impact the world around you for His glory.

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