Clear Creek Community Church’s East 96 Campus celebrated its one-year anniversary on September 9. The following are two stories of ways that God has worked through the campus since its beginning. (cover photo courtesy of Alicia Stafford)

Diego and Marissa Lopez, started attending Clear Creek Community Church during the time of the Bold Love campaign last summer after volunteers showed up at the fire station where Diego worked. They washed trucks, served some food, and helped out any way they could.

Diego said: “It was then that I felt the presence and excitement of Jesus’ love in the people of Clear Creek. Since last summer my wife and I started attending CCCC – starting at the Egret Bay Campus and now East 96. We joined a small group and have started to serve, and my relationship with Jesus started to develop.”

The love of Jesus was so infectious that Diego and Marissa not only started attending church, but committed to be a part of launching a brand-new campus, because they wanted to be part of something bigger than themselves. Since they’ve been involved in small group, they’ve gotten the chance to be in the community they got see a glimpse of at the fire station and they’ve said, it has been through that experience that everything has really changed. They were baptized in June, and Marissa is now the GO Catalyst of her small group, coordinating opportunities to serve people in the area with the love of Christ.


Edgar Rivera saw a sign in the Mar Bella neighborhood for a new church meeting in Education Village and wanted to check it out. A recovering alcoholic who had grown distant from his family, he knew something had to change, and the sign made him think this East 96 thing might be just the place.

That was last Fall.

Since that time, Edgar got involved and started serving, and eventually he and his wife, Tabitha, joined a small group. They were baptized as a family, with their 15-year-old son, in July.