“It all starts with the disaster I made of my past.”

After years of struggling with a meth addiction and harmful relationships, Lianne Templeton had come to the end of herself.

It was 2014 and Lianne was sitting in jail. It wasn’t the first time she had been arrested, but this time was different. Several felonies had landed her behind bars, but there was something beyond just the disappointment of winding up in jail.

Lianne felt alone. She felt like a failure. She felt like everyone in the world had given up hope for her life.
But as she wallowed through these thoughts, and tried to decipher their truthfulness, God intervened.

“It was then that God chose to whisper to me,” Lianne writes. “’I haven’t given up on you. I knew it would take this many times. I have been waiting. Know me. I am the only way.’”

She believed.

Over her remaining time in jail, Lianne immersed herself in the process of getting to know God. She found a bible, read any books she could get about God, attended sermons, and found classes to take. As she began to learn more and more, she felt herself coming to life.

“My heart and soul was going from sad, mad, and dark, to happy, hopeful, and enlightened,” she said. “The fog was lifting.”

Through all of her studies, Lianne heard a common refrain: that Jesus died on the cross and took her sins with him. She says she could feel her old self and old ways dying, and her new self and her new hope emerging.

“I was more free than I had ever been, even though I was still locked up and had a while to go.” Lianne said.

Upon finishing her sentence, Lianne was released from jail and walked back into the free world. She had done this before.

But this time was different.

“I am Lianne Templeton, a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I am proof that Satan is a liar, a thief and a murderer, and Jesus is a savior redeemer and restorer. I am no longer a lost soul, drug addict, or a hopeless loser. I am a daughter, mother, and sister. I have a job, and a hopeful future now that I am a child of a miracle-working God.” 

* * *


On Thursday, April 7, 2016, at the Gathering at Egret Bay Campus, Clear Creek Community Church had the honor of seeing Lianne Templeton be baptized in front of her family, friends and church community as a public declaration of her faith in Jesus Christ.