Dustin and Trina Duke share their story of seeing hurting people and trying to honor God with their resources.

* * *

Dustin and Trina Duke felt stagnant in their faith.

Sure they had a good life: a nice house, a good income, healthy kids, and a great marriage.

But something was missing.

Spiritually they felt sluggish. Church was beginning to feel like a chore, and small group was becoming a dreaded event each week.

Finally, Trina brought the issue up in her group and said that she didn’t know what needed to happen, but that she knew something wasn’t right. Together, the Duke’s and their small group committed to prayer, to continuing to attend group, and to begin looking for ways to love the people in their world in a God-honoring way.

As the Duke’s began to look for ways to begin to act generously with what God had given them, their housekeeper, Selene, came to their attention. She, and her kids, were struggling to get by. Problems with their house were causing bills to pile up, and their living conditions were worsening because of it.

Dustin and Trina felt like this was an opportunity God was putting in front of them. So they talked it over, and eventually decided to meet with their small group.

The Duke’s came in and showed the group the numbers. How much it would cost, how long it would take and how it could legally happen. Despite the apprehension that the Duke’s felt in presenting something like this, the group unanimously agreed to help.

They would buy Selene a new home.

But the gift didn’t stop there. Members of the small group got to work on building things, such as a small porch, for the house, and, after it was purchased, the entire group went to help deliver furniture and get the house in ready-to-live-in condition.

Selene was stunned.

Trina had informed Selene that they knew of some people who would be willing to help her out in her tough time, but she hadn’t told her the ways in which they were ready to help.

When Selene showed up, Dustin and Trina were ready with the paperwork. Selene signed her name, and became the owner.

The house, along with everything in it, was hers.

But what really got to Selene, Dustin and Trina say, was the number of people involved in helping the project come to fruition. Sure it started with the Duke’s seeing a need, but it flourished into a full on group effort. Many people, who had been strangers just weeks before, were now invested in the well-being of Selene and her family.

“Hopefully, when she has a few of those obstacles removed, like the money problem removed, the house problem removed, then maybe she can spend some more time thinking about why it all happened, and what God is doing in their lives, and why he is doing it.” – Trina Duke

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